How to choose the correct knitting oil? Jul 27,2021

1.     The function of knitting oil

The main function of knitting oil is to lubricate and protect, reduce the wear of knitting needles, reduce the starting energy, improve mechanical efficiency and reduce noise.

2.     Knitting oil model selection principle
a.     Load
The greater the load, the higher the oil viscosity requirements. For example, for the same equipment, a higher viscosity oil should be used when weaving cotton yarn than when weaving chemical fiber. Likewise, when weaving thicker yarns, use a more viscous oil than when weaving fine yarns.

b.     Machine status

Generally speaking, the longer the equipment is used, the larger the gap between equipment components. Therefore, the longer the equipment is used, the higher viscosity oil should be used to ensure that the oil film is thicker to reduce the wear of the components.

c.     Process requirement
Some products are of higher grade, so it’s necessary to choose an easy-to-wash knitting oil. Some products have higher requirements for environmental protection, so higher standards of knitting oil should also be selected.

3.     Cautions
a.     Select the appropriate knitting oil according to the actual situation;
b.     Prevent the oil from entering water or mixing with other impurities;
c.     It’s best to flush the needle groove with anti-rust oil and then cover it, if planning machine long-term shutdown.

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