New Anti-pilling Fabrics For Innerwear Aug 19,2021

Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) and World Knitting Textiles, of Samutsakorn, Thailand, have developed a new fabric range for innerwear and base layers using a combination of wool and Pilbloc – a long-lasting anti-pilling acrylic fibre distinguished by its soft touch and thermal comfort.

World Knitting Textiles, established in 1986, is an integrated knitting and dyeing and finishing business and a garment manufacturer and exporter with its major markets in USA, EU, and Japan.

“Our customers always look for innovation and good quality and everyone knows that acrylic’s unique property is to retain warmth, similar to wool,” said Sombat Chatromyen, managing director of World Knitting Textiles. “Pilbloc, however, is unlike other anti-pilling fibres on the market as the function is inherent in the fibre itself. Another benefit is that the hand-feel of the fabrics produced with Pilbloc is very soft.”

“Our Pilbloc has been popular in sweaters and flat knit applications for many years,” added Ashwini Chotani, chief marketing officer at TAF, which is part of the Aditya Birla Group. “Pilling is one of the major problems with synthetic fibres. Pilbloc’s anti-pilling function is generated with a specially engineered process, and hence the function lasts for the life of the garment. Another big advantage with this production process is that, it gives the very soft hand-touch which makes the consumer feel very comfortable while wearing it.

“Initially we used to produce it in coarser deniers, but we now also offer micro deniers which make Pilbloc perform even better and can be used for circular knits and very light-weight fabrics that are suitable for innerwear and base layers. World Knitting is one of the top circular knitting mills in Thailand with a good portfolio of overseas customers and it is our pleasure to support them with this innovation.”

For this fabric, Welltex's fine gauge series model "WDFG/OW-2.2F", double jeresey interlock open width 38"44G84F circular knitting machine, can produce it.

Welltex Double Jersey Interlock Open Width Fine Gauge Circular Knitting Machine

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